Complete Nutrition For Your Plants

At Meigs® Fertilizer we believe that nutrition is the key to a successful harvest. Meigs® fertilizer is an excellent source of organic nutrition with no harsh chemicals. Each blend contains a complete (all organic) balance of macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and minerals.

 If you’re like most growers, you know the benefits of proper fertilization. It’s no secret that a plant is only as good as the soil it’s grown in. While most soils can grow plants, many lack the balanced nutrients needed for growing great plants. Using Meigs® can be your solution to this problem.

 Law of the minimum, developed by Justus von Liebig, “Plant growth is determined by the scarcest (or minimum) nutrient available to it. If just one of the many required nutrients is deficient, the plant will not grow and produce at its optimum, effecting yield, quality, and immune function.”
 Applying the proper balance of nutrients promotes high quality, high yielding, and nutrient dense crops. With the higher fertilizer costs, growers cannot afford to buy fertilizers with little to no nutrient content or that their plants don’t need.  

Everyone wants the best for their plants, but do they give their plants balanced nutrition? We offer plants all the nutrients they need during specific growing times throughout their life cycle. It is important to have the micro-nutrients and minerals that plants need available to them. If the nutrients aren’t in the soil, then it’s not in the plant. Want the most nutritious produce? You have to mineralize the soils.  Our products offer a wide range of nutrients while still being organic and chemical free.


At Meigs Fertilizer Company we have a goal. Our goal is to educate people on the importance of proper nutrition and fertilization, while still being kind to our environment.