Complete Nutrition For Your Plants

Bloom - Liquid


Bloom (Liquid): 1-4-3

A liquid fertilizer concentrate easy to apply. Three different blends with twenty ingredients in each. One for vegetative growth, one for flowering stage, and one all purpose. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Contains all the proper nutrients needed for healthy plants.

* Contains Nutrients essential for plants cell wall structure.

* Encourages nutrient availability and uptake, fluid movement, and root development.* Has macro and micro-nutrients, trace elements, and minerals for healthy plant growth and bud formation.

* Used as a microbial soil amendment and plant probiotic.

* Contains amino, phosphoric, humic, and fulvic acids. Carbon sources, omega 3 & 6, and vitamin B-6.

* Stimulates microorganisms with endo & ecto mycorrhizal fungi, humates, kelp, castings, and yucca.

* Enhances sugar and starch formation. Contributing to better flavor and aroma.

* Enhances plant growth, flowering, and bud production. Increasing crop quality and yield.

Application: Mix 1-2 tbsp per gallon of water. Apply once a week.