Complete Nutrition For Your Plants

Big Garden, Flower


A dry granular product produced with over ten ingredients. Easy to broadcast throughout garden or use on individual plants. Containing over 100 micro-nutrients and minerals in each application. Designed to act fast, but slowly release throughout the growing season. Contains all the proper nutrients needed for healthy plants.

* Improves soil structure, water movement, and moisture retention.

* Plants will absorb and utilize nutrients, promoting plant health and quality, increasing crop yields and production.

* Aids in protein synthesis and enzyme function, working as a disease fighter by stimulating microorganisms that feed on pathogens and fungus.

* Raises brix° level in plants and produce.

* Contains beneficial microbes and bacteria. Humic & fulvic acids and humin stimulate the beneficial microorganisms.

* Improves fruit and vegetable development and flavor.

* Helps flowers reach their peak colors and aids in blossom production.

* Increases the lifespan of your plants.

Application Directions: Mix evenly into soil and water. 

20 lb. covers 800 sq. ft. or 20x40 area