Complete Nutrition For Your Plants

O.G. Starter Kit


O.G. Starter Kit - Liquid Line

The O.G. Starter Kit includes: 8oz. Grow, 8oz. Bloom, 4oz. Sul-Cal-Mag, 4oz. Big Tops, 4oz. Bud Honey, 4oz. Mother's Little Helper, 1oz. Photo Max XL, 1oz. Root Mass XL, 1oz. Sugar Shack. 

A liquid fertilizer concentrate easy to apply. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Contains all the proper nutrients needed for healthy plants.

* Contains Nutrients essential for plants cell wall structure.

* Encourages nutrient availability and uptake, fluid movement, and root development.

* Has macro and micro-nutrients, trace elements, and minerals for healthy plant growth and bud formation.

* Used as a microbial soil amendment and plant probiotic.

* Contains amino, phosphoric, humic, and fulvic acids. Carbon sources, omega 3 & 6, and multiple vitamins.

* Stimulates microorganisms with endo & ecto mycorrhizal fungi, humates, kelp, castings, and yucca.

* Enhances sugar and starch formation. Contributing to better flavor and aroma.

* Enhances plant growth, flowering, and bud production. Increasing crop quality and yield.

Application: Use Meigs Fertilizer Liquid Feeding Schedule.