Complete Nutrition For Your Plants
  • Potash


    Potash: 0.1 - 0.3 - 30

    Application: 5 lbs covers 400-700 sq. ft.
    This product contains a variety of nutrients (phosphorus, potassium, calcium and  trace elements), so it is considered a good complex of potassium-phosphorus and alkaline fertilizer. 
    Nutrient content:    K – 24-32%, Ca – 18-20%, Mg – 12-15%  + trace elements.
    Properties of Potash
    §  hinders the development of root and stem rot pathogens;
    §  potassium contained (potassium carbonate) is readily soluble in water;
    §  helps the microorganisms in the soil during decomposition of organic matter, making them an easily accessible substance;