Complete Nutrition For Your Plants

Formula 1: Veg/Grow


Formula 1 Veg/Grow: 5-4-3

A powder fertilizer produced with over fifteen ingredients. Complete nutrition with two separate feeding schedules. One for vegetative growth and one for flowering stage. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and easy to apply. Contains all the proper nutrients needed for healthy plants.
* Improves plant, root, and stem growth. Hinders root and stem rot. Promotes better root development.
* Develops better soil structure and fertility. Improving water retention and movement.
* Raises brix° level in plants.
* Stimulates microbial activity, plant enzymes, and beneficial soil organisims.
* Contains humic, fulvic, and ulmac acids, as well as carbon and chelates feeding microbes. Beneficial microbes and bacteria promote soil health and plant nutrition.
* Increases nutrient availability and photosynthesis.
* Promotes lush, green foliage. Increases top growth, yield, and quality.
* Contains vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients.
* Proper nutrients for increased bud formation and production.

Application Directions: Use 1/2 cup per plant. Mix evenly into soil and water. Apply every 2-3 weeks.